Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Road Trip - Boston

Boston Common (the park, not the Anthony Clark TV show)

Monday was a national holiday, and we decided to double down and take Friday off, too. We took the train up to Boston for a four day weekend. It was the first time for both of us, and we spent our time checking out some history and eating lots of New England foods.

As soon as we dropped off our bags, we found a bowl of clam chowder and lobster roll. The soup was so good we went back for our last meal, too.

We spent most of the weekend walking around the Freedom Trail and checking out Revolutionary war sites.

We actually spent a large share of our weekend in cemeteries.

We were both captivated by the ghastly images carved into the headstones.

I think we need to bring this style back.

We saw these BMXers in Boston Common our first day, and Kathryn was obsessed with them the rest of the trip.

This was, without a doubt, Kathryn's favorite image of the weekend. She was pretty proud of how this picture turned out.

The town had a lot of tributes for Memorial Day, including this collection of flags for fallen Massachusetts soldiers in Boston Common.

We were fortunate enough to get together with one of my good friends from college and his wife - current Bostonians (and unfortunately, IU fans).

Cliche Mike's Pastry visit.

Some cliches happen for a reason, like outstanding cannolis.

I opted for the chocolate covered lobster tail because it sounds way more New England.

Kathryn and some reenactors at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Old Ironsides

Kathryn on board.

One of the highlights of the trip for me - Real World: Boston house.

We spent the better part of the late afternoon lounging in the grass in Boston Common. This was our view.

On the wharf getting ready to go whale watching.

Beautiful view of the city as we pull away from the docks.

Enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

Wonderful views of the sun-drenched harbor islands.

Wait, what?

Trying to enjoy ourselves despite the fog, the cold, and the wind.

The only whale we were able to see was on this beer bottle, but it's OK because the beer was also warm and flat.

The wind nearly gave Kathryn dreadlocks.

Miraculously, it cleared up just as we were heading back to port.

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