Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow Storm

We just had a major blizzard in DC. You probably heard about it. People here were calling it Snowmageddon, Snow.M.G. or Snowgasm. We spent the first Saturday of the snow storm walking around taking pictures, very excited. That excitement was followed by denial, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Here are the Saturday pictures:

This is a tree outside of our building pushed down like old celery.

Kathryn standing in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington Circle.

Kathryn's hospital.

We took the metro down to the mall to check out the capital. Everyone just walked around on the streets. Very post-apocalyptic.

Snow almost burying the stair rail at the art museum.

You can normally see this thing for miles.

Finally at the base of the stairs you can see it.

After walking around the capital for a couple of hours, we went to the National Snowball Fight at DuPont Circle. There were maybe a couple thousand people there.

I talked Kathryn into throwing a couple of snowballs before she got too cold/nervous. I, on the other hand, got way too into it.

Everyone basically threw snowballs at the people at the base of the fountain. The people at the base of the fountain acted like revolutionaries (complete with retro US flag - only in DC). Kathryn took this from the back while I was up front getting pelted.

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