Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eating Out - American Standards in U Street

I actually brought our camera. I ate that food!

Eatonville (Southern)

This place was sort of a double winner. We got to walk around a neighborhood we haven't visited too much, and we got to eat some solid southern food. Also, we got out of the house during the snow storm. U Street is a really interesting neighborhood. Historically, it was the center of the wealthy and educated African American community of DC, but like most urban neighborhoods, it's undergoing a lot of gentrification. The major difference between U Street and most other neighborhoods though is that it is being gentrified by an even wealthier and more educated generation of African Americans.

  • We split the fried green tomatoes appetizer. They weren't your traditional fried green tomatoes, but every fried food is better with goat cheese (fact!).
  • Kathryn had the catfish and grits. I had the shrimp po boy. Both were pretty good.
  • All the drinks were served in mason jars. I think it was supposed to make it interesting and hip. It just made it cliche and lame.
  • Why does every restaurant in DC have to feel like it's in a hotel lobby? That's some how supposed to make it nice?

DC likes its cupcakes too much.

Cakelove (Bakery)

On the way home from Eatonville we picked up some cupcakes at Cakelove. It's owned by that dude Warren Brown who had the show "Sugar Rush" on the Food Network. That was before the days when every person with a cake show was a complete ass. Brown seems like a nice guy, so obviously, his show failed.

  • Clockwise: homemade toffee, german chocolate, salted caramel, and raspberry.
  • The salted caramel one is called "The 44" because it was inspired by Obama's favorite candy. I don't know if he's tried one yet, but I think he should. It was the best of the bunch. Followed by the german chocolate.
  • We walked home in the snow and ice without me falling on the cupcakes, just barely.

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