Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eating In - Arganica

I'm going to need Google Goggles to figure out what some of this stuff is.

One of the requirements of being a modern American yuppie is to support the local foods movement by purchasing all of your produce from a farmers' market or through a community supported agriculture (CSA) cooperative (or preferably both). Shopping at Whole Foods will no longer cut it for the hardcore foodies. In order to support our transition to modern American yuppies, Kathryn and I purchased a membership to Arganica Farm Club through Deals for Deeds, which is essentially Groupon for the Subaru set.

Our Deals for Deeds purchase also included two large sampler boxes, and last week we got our first box. The box was enormous, and it was like a race with the devil for two of us to eat all these fresh fruits and vegetables before they went bad. Also, the box was loaded with things like collard greens and beets which I never eat at home (or anywhere else for that matter). This box forced me to think on my feet, try new things, and of course google recipes.

The best part is that it was delivered right to our front door from the good people at Arganica, and considering the giant amount of food and the overall quality, the costs were pretty competitive with what we spend at our grocery store (which we have to drive to). It's hard to list everything we got in this box, but you can check out the photos below for some highlights.

The sampler box.

This gives you an idea of about half of the box looks like.

Tilapia with basil and a side salad topped with cherry tomatoes, radish, carrots, and arugula.

Pot roast with boiled beets and turnip greens with ham, onions, and hot sauce.

We used the heirloom tomatoes to make caprese salad.

Here's some of the leftover roast beef dressed up with carrots, radishes, and arugula.

Tilapia (again) served with fresh green beans and collard greens. The collard greens are cooked with onions and roasted red chillies.

Pan frying the eggplant.

The handsome chef.

(It's also worth noting that we already had meat and fish in the freezer, but Arganica sells those things, too. They sell tons of stuff you can order by the item including meats, seafood, dairy, eggs, deserts(!), wine, and more. Check them out, DC friends.)


  1. Glad to hear that it worked out so well for you all. We'll be sure to pass your message along to the folks at Arganica!

  2. what did you do with the fennel?

  3. I find your presentations to be quite appealing, gourmet even. Can't say I could eat that many veggies though.
    Is that the box everything came in? Hope you didn't get rid of it. You could use if for something. Get a couple more and have an interesting bookshelf, or at least a conversation piece!

  4. Dad, unfortunately the fennel went soft before I was able to figure out what to do with it. Maybe I'll get one tonight, and I'll try to get to it faster.

    Rob, the box is actually property of Arganica. I'm giving it back to them tonight when they bring my next order. That's actually a good thing since our two bedroom apartment would get full of boxes pretty quickly.