Monday, October 11, 2010

Eating Out - Vietnamese

Bun Thit Nuong (obviously!)

Four Sisters (Vietnamese)

Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to eat Vietnamese food. It's warm and comforting. Filling but not too filling. Also, to get really good Vietnamese, I have to get in the car, and I love Sunday drives (I'm still a small town dude after all). However, when I know that I have to drive somewhere, I rarely take risks. What's the point of going somewhere and being disappointed if I know that I will like the food at another place? Like Huong Viet. The only problem is that this line of thinking has continually prevented me from trying Four Sisters, a restaurant which many claim serves the best Vietnamese food in the metro area.

  • I went to Four Sisters as sort of a self imposed requirement. It wins all sorts of awards and is on almost every "best of" list written about eating in the Metro area. Four Sisters is in a strip mall (and a nice strip mall at that). It's across from a Panera Bread and a Chipotle. At first glance, it's hard to believe this place serves decent food.
  • The thing that's interesting is that Four Sisters used to be the kind of greasy, dingy Vietnamese joint that we all expect to serve the best food in the city. Four Sisters did so well that they were able to upgrade. Who am I to get snobby about a family achieving the American dream?
  • As always, we started our meal with fresh garden rolls. I was so hungry that I was hoping Kathryn would hate hers so I could eat it (she didn't). For the main course, Kathryn and I both had the grilled pork, mine over vermicelli noodles and hers over vermicelli patties.
  • The food at Four Sisters is all very good. The ingredients were fresh, and the service was great. Although, I'm not sure we'll make the drive out again. Despite all the great qualities, it lacks the fun environment of a dinner at Eden Center.

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  1. Tom lives near four sisters. Just another reason to head out there again. :)