Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eating Out - Vietnamese

The perfect size meal for a late lunch.

Song Que (Vietnamese)

We've been on a real Vietnamese kick recently, trying new restaurants, revisiting old favorites, and exploring the further reaches of the cuisine. It all started a few months ago with an unexpected hangover and the quest for the ultimate cure - a warm bowl of pho. This week we had an extra day off, and Kathryn wanted to head out to the suburbs for some new craft supplies. We decided to roll in a visit to Song Que, a Vietnamese lunch counter and small grocer in Eden Center in Falls Church, VA.

  • Eden Center is one of our favorite destinations in the metro area and a must-visit local for all foodies and fans of ethnic enclaves (the good kind). We typically hit up Huong Viet for a complete sit-down meal, but we forced ourselves to try something new. We specifically went to Song Que because of their outstanding reputation for a near perfect Banh Mi.
  • Banh Mi is gaining steam as a new food trend and versions of the sandwich can be found across the city and around the country. We thought it was best to hunt down the genuine article for our first official banh mi lunch. The sandwich is a blend of traditional Vietnamese ingredients and French influence. We both opted for the grilled pork sandwich topped with marinated carrots, cucumber, onions, cilantro, and jalapeƱos. Like all great sandwiches the excellent baguette took center stage. Paired with fresh ingredients, it made for the perfect sandwich.
  • The summer rolls were of decent quality - similar to good grocery store sushi. Not top of the line but passable. The same could be said for the mango bubble tea. It was more fruit slush and less creamy smoothie, which we both prefer.
  • We also picked up an interesting little dessert to take home. It was essentially a banana wrapped in sticky rice. On the recommendation of the very helpful Song Que staff, we warmed them slightly in the microwave and then topped it with coconut milk and chopped peanuts. Overall it was fairly tasty, but Kathryn enjoyed it more than I did.

A small dessert at home later that evening.

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