Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Out - Movie Theaters

West End Cinema

Our neighborhood, the West End, often gets overlooked. It's a small neighborhood surrounded by some of DC's biggest and most famous neighborhoods, including Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, and DuPont Circle. In fact, a lot of DC folks don't know where I'm talking about when I say we live in West End. The small neighborhood does have a decent amount to offer (per capita), and one recent edition should help raise our profile a bit - the West End Cinema. The movie theater opened late this fall, but we finally made a point of checking it out earlier this week. We aren't typically big movie goers, but hopefully having a decent theater less than a block away should change that.

The West End Cinema is an art-house theater with a few screening rooms which are smaller and more intimate than your typical movie theater, and they screen independent films and documentaries. We grabbed an evening showing of The Social Network this week, and we really enjoyed both the movie and the movie-going experience. We split a box of candy and some popcorn (topped with Old Bay!), and I sipped down a cold Bud Light. Good times!

Photo credit: West End Cinema's Facebook page.

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