Friday, February 25, 2011

Eating Out - Caribbean

I'm not technically Cuban, but I grew up in a tiny town named "Cuba." Both locations have a love for pork (in all forms).

Banana Cafe (Caribbean)

Banana Cafe is a popular spot on Barracks Row, for both food and drinks. This Sunday afternoon we stopped in for a bit of both.

  • I love brunch, but so does everyone in DC (particularly in the greater Capitol Hill area). This usually means long lines and annoying drunks, in the daylight hours no less. However, we were able to get a table with only a limited wait. It was only a few minutes later until I was sipping on an alcohol laced Almond Joy milkshake. Fortunately, I didn't end up drunk, just annoying.
  • I had the Cuban style carnitas with yuca and, of course, black beans and rice. The carnitas were extremely tasty - juicy without tasting fatty.
  • Kathryn was under the impression that the menu featured tons of banana and plantain dishes. When that wasn't really the case (there were several but not tons), she settled on the Puerto Rican Piononos - a sort of plaintain hash covered in cheese. She seemed pleased.
This would be perfect if you were in the mood for round foods.

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