Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting Out - NCAA Tournament

Before the start of the game.

As anyone who knows us and/or reads this blog will tell you, we're big college basketball fans. When I was still in graduate school, we had season tickets for the Boilermakers and also managed to catch multiple road games a season. This year we decided to jump at the chance to see some first round action here in DC.

We went to the Thursday evening session which featured UConn vs. Bucknell and Cincinnati vs. Mizzou. We waited until Thursday morning to buy our tickets, but we ended up with amazing seats. Second row of the 200 section, pretty close to mid-court. I wish I could afford to sit in club seats at Verizon all the time. The view is great, and the concessions are top notch.

Unfortunately, both games were pretty much blowouts, but it was a lot of fun to finally see the tourney in person.

UConn may have had the best team this week, but Bucknell had the best fans.

Missouri starts their pregame routine the same way I started 3rd grade P.E.

Here's a look from our seats.

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