Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eating Out - Sushi

Making cafeteria dining cool again.

Wasabi Sushi (Sushi)

I've been eating sushi for at least 10 years, with occasional periods of obsessive sushi consumption. However, I've never been to one those places where sushi plates come by on a conveyor belt and you just pick up whatever looks interesting. Well, at Wasabi, I finally had my chance at a sushi-go-round.

  • It took us forever to realize that prices were indicated by plate color. The price differences weren't too staggering though, and all the sushi was surprisingly cheap (happy hour specials, too).
  • The portions were cheap for a reason: they're small. The lady next to us had a staggering 10 plates when we sat down. I was relieved when we only made it through about 12 or so between the two of us.
  • In terms of quality, Wasabi was just a bit better than really good grocery store sushi.

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