Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eating Out - Fish

My kind of sandwich... tons of fish, a little bread.

Market Lunch (Fried fish and stuff)

Market Lunch is the sort of place that every city must have. It's located in the center of Eastern Market, a sort of farmers market/open air market (another must for all cities). The menu consists of all the foods you expect from a small lunch counter in an historic market --- everything is either deep fried or smothered in mayonnaise.

  • Market Lunch is known for super long lines, but I assume this is a problem during peak times. On a Friday afternoon, you're golden! The ladies working the counter are just as impatient though, so make sure to read the board and know what you want before stepping up to order.
  • The crab cakes are solid, but not the kind that bring you to tears. The fried fish is pretty outstanding though. I put it up against anything I've had in DC. (The best fried fish, in my opinion, still comes from the Midwest.)
  • You're selling yourself short if you don't get some French fries.
  • Insider's Tip: There is some Old Bay next to the ketchup and stuff. Put it on everything you order (excluding drinks).

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