Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eating Out - Empanadas

Panas (Empanadas)

I've lived in this town long enough that I can't tell if something is a DC trend or part of a larger national trend. I do know this: there are a lot of empanadas in this town. Before moving to the District, I only came across them sporadically, but now it seems like they are everywhere. There's even an empanadas food truck, so empanadads can quite literally sneak up on you.

  • Kathryn has been hassling me to go get empanads for a couple of months now, but I alway fought back because (1) they are not filling enough for a meal or (2), if you eat enough to get full, the grease will destroy your stomach. I couldn't fight back any longer, and we went to Panas for a late afternoon lunch. To my surprise, I left full, and the empanads weren't dripping with grease.
  • Panas' empanadas look tiny, but don't be deceived. Those little guys are pretty filling. We both ordered the four empanadas meal, which comes with guacamole and plantain chips. It was entirely too much food.
  • Panas has probably 30 offerings, including meat, veggie, seafood, and even dessert empanadas. The empanadas have a little brands stamped into the dough to show what flavor is inside. Genius!
  • I want to head back and try a few of the flavors I passed on the first time out.

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