Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Update

Our best crop of the summer - okra

Well, summer is - by most meaningful measures - over. Last weekend, I tore out the last of the garden which had been leveled by all of the storms we've been dealing with (including Hurricane Irene). It wasn't the most successful garden, but I learned some valuable lessons. Next summer, I want to build up the beds, so the plants can develop a strong network of roots without having to fight through shards glass, clay, broken bricks, and who knows what else.

Here's one last teary-eyed look at the end of summer highlights of our garden:

I decided to pickle up some okra along with our hot peppers and chives for the DC State Fair. Hurricane Irene messed that up too, and I wasn't able to enter the make up date. Oh well...

I threw in one jar of cucumbers as an experiment. They aren't pickling cucumbers, so we'll see what they're like once I crack them open this winter.


After... cucumbers with sour cream and chives and okra stewed in tomato juice.


After... roasted red peppers with goat cheese and fresh basil.


After... homemade pesto (pretty tasty on pasta)

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