Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going Out - The Passenger

All signs look cooler with DC iconography.

The Passenger

I always roll my eyes when someone talks about a bar being "hipster." Hipsterism is already dead (or in antiquated hipster lingo "it already happened"), and to make matters worse, DC isn't really a hipster town. "Hipster" is in general as meaningless a term as "alternative" was before it. It just means not-mainstream, or more appropriately, not the kind of place attorneys go to network after 5. Which in DC, that happens even at "hipster" bars.

All that said, the Passenger is a hip place. It's named after an Iggy Popp song. It's got a rail car themed room. They have rock and roll on the jukebox. It's the exact kind of place I want to have a drink after work, excluding the networking attorneys.

They serve kimchi hot dogs!

They make a great Rickey (DC's official cocktail).
I was so overcome by hipness I took this picture with a polaroid app.

They have a copy of Sticky Fingers to mark the men's room.

OK, I guess that's enough evidence. Maybe the Passenger is a hipster bar.

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