Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eating Out - Caribbean

We forgot to bring our camera, but what we had looked exactly like this.

Sweet Mango Cafe (Caribbean/Jamaican) - January 16

If there is one thing that spans cultural divides, it's quality barbecued chicken. All you need is a chicken, some hot coals, and a spice rub and/or sauce. We went to Sweet Mango Cafe because of the reviews of the jerk chicken, and this is a town where roast chicken is a big deal (especially Peruvian style). Plus, it gave us an excuse to check out a part of the city we had never visited (Petworth).

  • The jerk chicken is ridiculous! Kathryn claimed she didn't like jerk seasoning before going there, but Sweet Mango Cafe turned her around.
  • There wasn't really anything sweet on the menu. There also wasn't any mango.
  • We didn't realize that the chicken comes with a large side of rice and some sort of green bean and cabbage stew, so we didn't really need the side of plantains (just ok) or the coco bread (amazing).
  • If I were a little more adventurous, I would have gotten the curry goat, but I just had goat like a week ago and I don't like curry.
  • This place had a poster up that featured Obama, MLK, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and, of course, Bob Marley.

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