Friday, April 23, 2010

Eating In - Balcony Furniture

With these little balcony chairs, I like to pretend like I'm a giant.

When I first made a mental sketch of this blog, I envisioned a bunch of different themed topics about going out on the town, traveling around the area, having friends visit, and such. I thought it would be really fun to write about the restaurants we frequent and the fun foods we make at home. That's why I wanted two series: Eating Out and Eating In. I've totally slacked off on that last one. So here you go, the inaugural Eating In post.

Kathryn and I once again made our way to IKEA last weekend to pick up some furniture, this time for the patio. We now have a nice table, four chairs, and a potted plant. This week was the first time we were able to eat outside and enjoy the nice weather (and the sound of sirens).

Oh and if you're wondering, that's pan seared tilapia with white wine, shallots, and capers and fresh green beans steamed in chicken stock. Just a regular weeknight meal. That's how we do. Oh and a mixed salad with creamy Italian dressing because hey, I'm still a Midwesterner.

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