Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Road Trip - Philadelphia Invasion

The gang departing from RFK.

Alright, this is technically a road trip, but it doesn't really count for two reasons. (1) We went up to Philly and back in the same day, and (2) Kathryn couldn't go because she had to work. Any way, here's the story...

Kathryn and I have DC United season tickets. That is to say, I have season tickets that Kathryn let me get, and she's willing to go to a bunch of games. This last weekend, I won four free tickets to the inaugural United vs. Philly Union game, which included transport in the team branded van. I roped two friends from Purdue (plus a significant other) to coming along. DC lost the game 3-2, but it was still a fun time. Here are a couple of high lights.

We tailgated at the bar across from the stadium with the Union supporters group Sons of Ben (SoB's). They were actually a pretty nice bunch, for Philadelphia that is. These people booed Santa Claus remember.

Here we are at the bar rocking the "Philly Invasion" scarfs United gave us.

This was a stare down with a Philly fan after we both had several beers. I thought we looked tough at the time, but now I think it looks like he's about to kiss me.

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