Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eating Out - Peruvian Chicken

Kathryn and $11 worth of food. That's right $11.

El Pollo Rico (Peruvian Chicken)

So this is a place we've been about a half a dozen times, but I've finally gotten around to writing about it. I know I've probably said this before about other places, but this may very well be my favorite DC dining experience (although it's in Arlington I guess). If you come visit us (and you eat chicken), I'm going to try to make you go there. It's a must!

  • This place sells rotisserie chicken, fries, and cole slaw. That's it. Period.
  • The chicken is rubbed down in some kind of secret spice blend and served with two sauces: a creamy mayo based sauce and what can only be described as jalapeƱo relish. (Note my Bourdainian word choice)
  • For both of us to get a quarter chicken (white for me, dark for Kathryn) with both sides and a drink, it's $11. That's about the cheapest food you can get in DC.
  • Like most cheap places that are really, really good. They draw a diverse bunch of diners ranging from wealthy political types to working class immigrants.
  • If you come on a weekend afternoon, expect long lines, no open tables, and no parking spaces.
  • Did I mention that this place is amazing?

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