Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eating Out - Pizza

Mmmmmm pizza.....

Pizzeria Paradiso (Pizza)

There are two things you can find in every (gentrified/gentrifying) neighborhood in DC: (1) a cupcake shop and (2) a brick oven pizza shop. People go crazy for those things, and it makes sense because they have a lot in common. Both are good or bad based almost entirely on the bread portion. Both are simple comfort foods, but covered with expensive gourmet toppings ensuring a 70% price markup on an otherwise inexpensive food item. Both taste best at room temperature, but maybe that's just me.

Pizzeria Paradiso is a popular choice judging by the fact that there is always a wait (at both locations), regardless of the time or day. Here's the break down.

  • Paradiso is one of those places that prides themselves on having a great beer selection. You know what that means? None of my personal big three: (1) Pabst, (2) High Life, or (3) Miller Light. They think this makes them cool.
  • In my two trips, I've tried the margherita, the mozzarella and tomatoe, and one called "atomica" with salami, black olives, hot pepper flakes, and mozzarella. The atomica is my favorite of the lot.
  • They have a pizza with mussels baked on the crust still in the shell. I'm going to try this one next time, if I don't chicken out.
  • I honestly wasn't a fan after my first visit, but a second trip proved that it's a nice meal. The only complaint - doesn't hold up well fridge for leftovers. Oh yeah, and the beer thing. That's completely annoying.

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