Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visitors - Todd and Jonni

Todd is carefully evaluating my arguments at a Senate committee room.

Last week we had a nice visit from two of our best buddies from Purdue, my old officemate Todd and his wife Jonni. We squeezed in most of the must sees, but we also checked out a couple of places that were new to Kathryn and me.
  • Started off with the classic White House/mall walk - but in the unforgiving DC heat.
  • We were able to hit up some key DC eats, including Peruvian chicken and American Indian museum cafe.
  • We made our first trip to the International Spy Museum. I've wanted to check this place out since we moved to town. It's a nice museum, but the single focus gets a bit boring after a long visit. The spy museum is one of the few private museums in the city, which means you'll have to pay, but it's worth the trip. Also, it's pretty cold inside the exhibits, so it can be a nice break from a hot day.
  • We also checked out a few other museums and restaurants, which you can see in the neighboring posts.
  • The highlight of the visit was our first tour of the capitol. We were taken around on a tour by an acquaintance from SLU who did a wonderful job. The capitol is completely unlike anything I expected.

Corn column at the capital.

Kathryn and I also celebrated our fifth anniversary.

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