Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Out - Farmers' Markets

It's obviously root vegetable season.

DuPont Circle FRESHFARM Market

No matter where we live, there is always at least one resource we completely under use. There are places right under our noses that we always seem to forget about until it's too late. The best example in our current neighborhood is the collection of nearby farmers' markets. Fortunately, we stumbled into the DuPont Circle one while taking care of Christmas shopping last weekend.

The market offers a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, but the vendors also include a bakery, a charcuterie, and a couple of cheesemakers. We picked up a small batch of groceries for the short week before heading home for the holidays. Hopefully, we'll remember to head to the farmers' market more often from now on.

Kathryn doing a bit of shopping.

Roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts (another new favorite food).

Leftover steak sandwiches with roasted beets and goat cheese.

I've nearly perfected collard greens (here with pancetta, onions, and sriracha), and Kathryn contributed her famous sausages-wrapped-in-biscuits.

My very favorite Christmas tradition - fruit cake. It's only for me and senior citizens at this point I think.

We also picked up the perfect snack - a loaf of hearty bread, fresh pumpkin butter, and apple cider (not pictured).

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