Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon

Enjoying a little quality time at the after party.

This weekend we completed our first half marathon in (a personal record) 2:43. Kathryn wants me to point out that she finished a complete two seconds before me (even though we promised to finish together). The race featured some nice scenery including marshes, downtown Rehoboth Beach, and (of course) the Atlantic ocean.

We've spent a lot of time training for the race, and it was a great thing to experience together.

Getting ready in the morning.

Start time 0700h, sunrise 0708h.

About a mile in, we stopped for a few seconds for the picture. There's a small, elite group of runners who stop to take pictures along the race.

About 8 miles in, taking care of all the necessary procedures.

About 10 miles in at the beautiful salt marshes. Two important things about this picture: (1) how Dawson's Creek does that look? and (2) wearing all black makes you look lightning fast...

Cheering on some of the other finishers. The temperatures during the race were between 36 - 38 degrees, so the blanket was helpful.

Waiting in line...

...for this little bit of awesome --- post-race massages.

The hardware!

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