Sunday, December 12, 2010

Road Trip - Rehoboth Beach, DE

It's easiest to find a spot on the beach when it's really, really cold out.

This weekend we spent two nights in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Admittedly, this isn't peak beach going weather, but it was still a great getaway. Rehoboth is just a few hours drive from DC, which seems remarkably close for a couple of Midwesterners.

We managed to grab some fresh seafood, walk the boardwalk, and checked out a bunch of little shops. On the way home we stopped by the outlet mall and smelled a bunch of chicken farms, but mostly smelled chicken farms.

We just missed the big guy and weren't able to put in our gift requests.

I pretty much ate seafood all weekend. First up - lobster roll.

I still wanted to "get in."

This is right before I was nearly attacked by seagulls... a second time. My defense strategy during the first attack - feed the seagulls, and they'll probably go away.

Notice how there are no seagulls when you don't have food.

Delaware really does have some beautiful beaches.

Rehoboth has tons of raw bars, and we wanted to try our first raw oysters. I really liked them, and Kathryn really liked the hot sauce (but not the oysters). Neither one of us got sick.... yet.

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