Monday, October 10, 2011

Eating Out - Fish and Chips

We got complaints from family that we had too many pictures of food and too few pictures of us. So instead of a chunk of fried fish, here's Kathryn and my mom.

Eamonn's a Dublin Chipper (Irish/Fish and Chips)

My mom came to town for a week to help us get the house decorated. We spent a full day checking out art galleries and shops in Old Town Alexandria. King St. seems specifically designed for entertaining moms. It's (literally) wall-to-wall decoration stores and cute places to eat.

  • My mom, a South Carolinian, loves grouper, but we quickly learned that the only real option at Eamonn's is to get the cod. Fortunately, we had big enough portions and plenty of chips, so we let the grouper be.
  • There are several sauce options available. I went for the curry (served warm), but my mom and Kathryn opted for two mayo based sauces. Kathryn's featured Old Bay, and my mom's had sun dried tomatoes. All seemed to be pretty solid options.
  • At the end of the meal, we split two UK candy bars between the three of us. I don't remember the names, and it was outrageously expensive. But it was a fun way to end the meal.
  • The place is called "Eamonn's" but this song by "Eamon" got stuck in my head. First when we ate there and then again while I wrote this post.

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