Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Out - National Arboretum

National Capitol Columns... the old columns from the east portico of the Capitol. In the foreground is a capital from one of the Capitol Columns. (That's a technical term. Google it.)

I've recently become engrossed in another fundamental element of DC (pop) culture, George Pelecanos' novels. I'm not much of a reader (other than newspaper and magazines), but I've been burning through Pelecanos' crime novels. The first one I read, "The Way Home," had a character that talked about the greatness of the National Arboretum. That was all the excuse I needed to finally check it out, so Kathryn, Amelia, and I spent an afternoon exploring the park. We intentionally didn't see everything because we wanted to save some for a future visit.

Kathryn and Amelia at the base of the Asian Collection at the Anacostia River.

At the herb garden.

Kathryn has gotten particularly skilled at taking great looking photos with my phone.

Amelia's nose was already going crazy, so taking her to the herb garden might be considered a weird form of torture.

The best part of the herb garden was looking for plants that Kathryn will let me plant in the front yard. She wants a pretty front yard. I want a yard full of edible plants.

With pretty peppers like this, I don't have to try to talk Kathryn into letting me grow collard greens in the front yard.

Mission accomplished - Amelia was passed out before we even made it out of the park.

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