Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Out - Kingman and Heritage Island

A cool and sunny Sunday afternoon.

Last weekend, we spent Sunday afternoon exploring Kingman and Heritage Islands. The islands are located on the Anacostia River next to RFK Stadium. The islands are not as well known as the Potomac's Teddy Roosevelt Island, and in some ways, that's what makes them great. It's rare to have a beautiful place to yourself, so come check out the islands before word gets out.

Here are some great pictures Kathryn snapped on our walk.

The marshy tidal areas between Heritage Island and RFK Stadium.

There are some awesome looking flowers and plants on the islands.


Pretty flowers on Kingman.

Crazy cup-shaped leaves with berries inside.

My favorite picture of the day.

Amelia absolutely loved exploring the islands, especially the super muddy spots on Heritage Island.

Heritage Island.

Muddy dog...

There was also some pretty crazy wildlife on and around the islands. Here's a big muskrat that I thought was a beaver at first. In Baltimore, they eat these things (no joke!).

You can barely make out the turtles on the log in the middle of the river.

Cranes along the shoreline.

We saw several herons and geese.

Kathryn standing on the bridge to Heritage Island, and the bridge to Kingman Island is in the background.

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