Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eating Out - Food Trucks

Kathryn and Rebel eating some tacos (and wearing red).

TaKorean (Korean BBQ)

I've heard rumors floating around that food trucks have been getting a tough time from business owners near our work place (Farragut Square), and I hope this isn't true because DC keeps getting more and more interesting food trucks. Last week Kathryn joined me and a coworker, Rebel, for some tacos in the park.

  • Serving Korean BBQ staples like beef bulgogi and kimchi on a taco shell is exactly what you expect from a quality food truck - a creative combination of tasty and cheap foods served in a way that makes them easy to eat standing on the street or sitting on a park bench. The "Korean taco" is now a staple of the modern food truck movement (fad?) which, I believe, started in L.A.
  • I tried one of each taco (beef, chicken, and tofu) topped with kimchi. Kathryn opted to have two beef and one tofu with kimchi. All the of the tacos were pretty tasty, but the tofu stood above the rest. The kimchi (and sriracha sauce) gave all of the tacos a nice kick but not enough to overwhelm the other ingredients.
  • One nice touch is that TaKorean serves Jarritos soda to support the "taco" side of the equation. I'm a huge fan of Jarritos, but I wasn't the biggest fan of mango (a new flavor for me).
  • I'll definitely go to TaKorean in the future, if I can beat the line.

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