Monday, March 15, 2010

Eating Out - Salvadoran

I'm learning that slaw from any country in the world is amazing.

El Rinconcito II (Salvadoran/Mexican)

DC is home to the largest population of Salvadorians in any US city, and it follows naturally that the city is home to a lot of Salvadoran restaurants. This Sunday we went to gawk at some row houses in Columbia Heights, and took the opportunity to try our first pupusas. Pupusas are a fairly typical Salvadoran food and kind of a thing here in DC. If you've never had one, it's sort of like a tamale that's been squished flat and grilled. They sort of look like pita pockets (see picture above). This is one of our first dinners out that was dictated by location, but I think we still made a good choice.

  • There were two types of horchata on the menu - horchata and horchata Mexicano. They didn't have the Mexican variety, so I tried the regular (I assume this means Salvadoran). I must say, Mexican is much better.
  • When we were in Costa Rica Kathryn ate so many plantains she had the shakes when we got home. Therefore, she was pretty excited to split the plantains appetizer. It was served with sour cream and refried beans. The best thing we ate. Amazing.
  • We both got sampler plates that consisted of a tamale, beans, slaw, rice, and pupusas.
  • The slaw was outstanding and Kathryn's favorite non-plantain food of the day. I was a rice man, myself.
  • Next time we got back, I'm getting the "typical breakfast" which features plantains, eggs, beans, and rice. Already excited!
  • I should also note that we were fans of Columbia Heights. The neighborhood offers a near perfect mix of old school DC (pretty houses, friendly neighbors, and crime) and new school DC (Target, Chipotle, and crime).

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