Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Out - Cherry Blossoms

Kathryn took this very pretty picture with our new camera.

This weekend was the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival. We'll be out of town for this year's peak bloom, so we headed out to the mall Saturday afternoon for our first look at these DC icons. The blossoms were like a little slice of Karate Kid II right here in DC. I'm not sure what the difference is between peak time and now, but the trees were still pretty. The majority of the trees were filled with white flowers, and the rest of the trees stilled donned pink buds. The metro was absolutely packed, and the mall was pretty crazy. Saturday was also the Smithsonian Kite Festival. We missed the kite displays earlier in the day, but the mall was still filled with people flying kites. It was a nice complement to the cherry blossoms, minus the crowd and all.

Kites above the mall.

Kathryn at the start of our walk, across the Tidal Basin from the Jefferson Memorial.

Taking a short break about half way around the Tidal Basin.

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