Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eating Out - Peruvian

This peanut spread is unlike anything I've ever tried.

El Chalan

So this was not supposed to be a food blog, or a restaurant blog. It was supposed to be a DC blog about all the things we do in DC. Well, since we've had so much bad weather and there is almost always a Purdue basketball game to watch, this is pretty much a restaurant blog. Hope to change that soon.

We've actually been to El Chalan twice, but we've never gotten around to recording the experience. It's only a few blocks from us, so a doesn't feel like an adventure eating there. However, it's been really good both times we went, and the reviews say it's authentic (for whatever that's worth).

  • El Chalan is tucked away in a basement on a street that's mostly office buildings (including the World Bank), so when you go there you sort of feel like you're in the know.
  • I've been blown away by Peruvian food in general. I didn't really know what to expect, but the food is all really, really good - far more eggs, potatoes, and peanuts than I expected. If you come to visit us, we'll probably try to convince you to eat there.
  • In the two times we went I've had (i) goat stew and (ii) lomo saltado. Kathryn had the same chicken dish both times.
  • Last time we went we tried the famous pisco sour. It's supposedly the drink of Peru. If you've ever thought "I should mix this margarita with some eggnog" then the pisco sour is for you.

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