Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going Out - DC Environmental Film Festival

DC Environmental Film Festival - Coal Country

Last night we made it out to a screening as part of the DC Environmental Film Festival. We saw was the screening cut of "Coal Country." It's a film about coal mining in West Virginia and the conflict surrounding mountain top removal (or mountain top mining). As a big fan of both coal mining and documentaries, I highly recommend it.

  • The film screened at St. Columba Episcopal Church in Tenleytown. It was a nice place to see a movie on the cheap, but the hard wooden benches were not forgiving after an hour or so.
  • The director and producer fielded questions after the show, but we ducked out when it was revealed that it was basically people asking questions like "I really like the movie and this is why..."
  • This was our first film festival experience but it doesn't really count because the audience was full of environmental nerds, not film nerds.
  • Tenleytown was a nice area. It's basically a less intimidating version of U Street or Columbia Heights.
  • We made our first trip to Whole Foods following the movie. It is a mandatory part of our transition to official Washingtonians (read yuppies). We went to pick up a few staples and ended blowing our budget on interesting looking items. We seriously can't keep doing that (see IKEA post).

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