Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Active Commuting: Capital Bikeshare

This shirt usually keeps me from getting hit by cars while running. It now serves dual purpose.

We spent the first year and a half in the District walking to work, a rare but expensive urban luxury. Now that we live on Capitol Hill, we're forced to commute to work. We both have a direct metro ride that takes less than a half hour door-to-door, but the last two days I've tried a partial bike commute via Capital Bikeshare. Instead of slogging along underground, I was up on the street getting some nice exercise on my way home from work.

Capital Bikeshare is a communal bike program where, for a reasonable annual fee, you can check out a bike from a number of stands around the city for half an hour. After the half an hour, it costs a bit extra, but it's still a pretty solid deal. I'm fortunate enough to have a station outside of my work building and a couple of blocks from our home. The thirty minute ride (which includes climbing Capitol Hill) left me pretty gassed, but also pretty sweaty which is why I brought a t-shirt to work today.

The station at the office. The bikes are Dutch style "oma fitz" (grandma bike) with solid internal hubs and sturdy frames.

The station at home. My route is almost entirely on bike lanes, but I did get a bit lost. I should have this down in a few weeks.

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