Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Out - Zoofari

Before I looked too stuffed...

Last Thursday night, we had the chance to combine our top two DC favorites - trying new restaurants and the National Zoo. Zoofari is an annual fundraiser that brings more than 100 restaurants (and wineries) to the zoo. Similar to the routine "Taste of..." events, each restaurant offers tasting portions of a couple of items, but instead of charging per item, Zoofari is an all inclusive flat rate "taste." We were excited to try foods from several restaurants we can't afford to eat regularly, like Michel Richard's Citronelle and Robert Weland's Poste. The forecast called for showers, but fortunately the weather was great.

Here's a quick summary:
  • The most impressive part of Zoofari were the plates, pictured above. They were strong, plastic trays with two slots for a fork and spoon, a sturdy handle, and a built-in cup holder. Engineering genius!
  • There were easily a dozen restaurants serving gazpacho variations and/or salmon. Mini-burgers were also very popular.
  • We didn't want to waste an hour in line for Georgetown Cupcake. That place always has a long line wherever they go.
  • We also really enjoyed checking out the cake decorating contest for the local culinary school.
  • I imagine this will likely become the highlight of our spring calendar for years to come.

Roasted pig for mini-burgers (of course).

Some of the cake decorating contestants early in the night.

The big winner!

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