Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eating Out - Cuban

Any time we eat Caribbean food, Kathryn's meal is basically plantains and other stuff.

Mi Vecindad (Cuba, Salvadoran, and Mexican)

Located on the eastern edge of Capitol Hill, Mi Vecindad offers a selection of affordable and well-portioned Cuban, Salvadoran, and Mexican fare. The restaurant is on a sleepy Pennsylvania Avenue corner just a few blocks down from the more lively Barracks Row micro-neighborhood. It's not exactly clear how this hodge-podge menu came to be, but it has something to do with a guy named Henry who owns a Mexican restaurant a few blocks away. He even advertises for the other restaurant on the back of the Mi Vecindad menus.

  • It's fitting that our first dinner in our neighborhood was at a place named "my neighborhood."
  • The salsa and chips are pretty good. Of course, I seem to always be on the verge of starvation any time I eat chips and salsa, so I think all chips and salsa are pretty good.
  • Kathryn had a very fruity glass of Sangria, and I had strawberry margarita, which makes me seem pretty fruity.
  • Kathryn orderd some sort of ground, roast pork dish, and I tried the Cuban steak topped with salted onions. Both of our meals came with black beans, rice, and fried plantains. The best part of the dinner was actually the beans, but everything else was pretty good, too.
  • The weirdest part was that the waiter brought us each a complementary shot of tequila. Fortunately, we walked to the restaurant.
Thankfully we didn't take an after picture.

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