Friday, May 6, 2011

Illinois Marathon

The final small stretch in Memorial Stadium. (Note the football)

Last weekend Kathryn and I ran the Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana. Our training program over the last few months is the leading cause of blog neglect. It was hard to find time explore the city and try new restaurants, but the sacrifice was more than worth it. Here are the highlights.

In addition to accomplishing a major goal, we also had the chance to visit with my family. Both of my sisters, pictured here, also ran events that weekend.

Friday night my sister ran her first 5K! She seemed to enjoy the weekend most of all, and we're hoping she picked up the running bug, too.

We're about 18 miles in, so the smiles probably wouldn't happen without the camera.

Looking strong.

Family high five pit stop!

Here we are crossing the finish line together in Memorial Stadium.

We pretty much collapsed after the race.

On the way to Illinois, we stopped at Fort Necessity. It's not a vacation without the National Park Service!

Kathryn rocking some sweet car ride clothes.

Only in Indiana! Notice that I also wear silly car ride clothes.

Saturday night, the bartender accidentally served us Beck's Non-alcoholic beer. It was the perfect combination of disgusting and dehydrating.


  1. The Beck's picture is priceless!!! Laughed out loud on that one!

  2. Beck's non-alcoholic satisfies