Monday, May 24, 2010

Eating Out - Baller

When dinner and drinks quickly turns into "drinks and dinner"

Clyde's (Classic American)

One of my good buddies from Purdue is spending the summer in Washington for an internship. We got together for dinner Friday night without much of a plan, so our restaurant choice was entirely dictated by our mutual craving of French fries. We walked to Clyde's in nearby Georgetown. Kathryn and I previously visited their Chinatown location. Clyde's is essentially O'Charly's for the upper tax bracket. The kind of place where everyone eats lobster on an average Friday night.

After a couple of drinks at the bar, we were pleased to learn that everyone was eating lobster because it was only about $18 (with fries!). Naturally, we had to have it.

  • This post exists basically because my buddy laughed "this needs to go up on ya'lls' blog" as he dipped his fries in melted butter. There isn't really much to review.

How can you get more American than those wet naps?

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