Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eating Out - Thai

Neither of us wanted in the picture.

Thai Kitchen (Thai, obviously)

Kathryn and I found ourself at Thai Kitchen the other night against our wishes. We set out toward DuPont Circle to eat at one of our favorite spots, Saigon Bistro (Vietnamese), but as soon as we got outside, the sky opened up on us. We got soaked to the bone. Instead of fighting the giant grey wall of water, we settled on a restaurant just across the street from our place.

  • We started with the creatively named Yum Tofu, deep fried tofu cubes covered in hot sauce and roasted cashews. Amazing.
  • Started to dry off a bit.
  • Until a couple of months ago, Kathryn hated curry, but now she's crazy about it. She had the panang, a spicy creamy curry, with pork.
  • I had the pork pad preow wan, which I'm sure you recognize as stir fried pork with onions, scallions, cucumber, bell pepper, and pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce. Any time you can combine pork and pineapple, you have my attention.
  • The best part of the restaurant is the music. They play Thai pop covers of top 40 hits, sung in English (of course). Kathryn spotted it with the Thai take on Amy Winehouse's "Rehab," but the Thai cover of Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" made me want to steal the stereo.
  • I normally say whether or not we would go back. The food here is pretty good, but like I said, it's right across the street. We will definitely go again (next time we're caught in a downpour).

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