Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going Out - Rock and Roll Ping Pong

Tasty food, cold beer, ping pong....

For some reason, I haven't put together a Rock and Roll Ping Pong Post yet, but it's something I try to do almost every Monday night. There's a great bar/venue in Northeast DC called the Rock and Roll Hotel, and every Monday (when they don't have bands playing) they have free open table tennis. They sometimes attract a small crowd, but lately it's been just our small crew of a few Purdue grads and buddies.

The bar usually features
  • free ping pong
  • movies on a giant screen, including such hits as The Big Lebowski, Full Metal Jacket, and Raiders of the Lost Arc
  • rock albums played in their entirety, which almost always includes Fugazi's 13 Song (Fugazi : DC punk bars :: John Mellencamp : Purdue campus bars)
  • Jenga
Here's the highlights from last week
  • It was again pouring down rain (notice a trend), so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We literally had the place to ourselves for about an hour.
  • Kathryn and I got burgers (her - veggie, me - beef) and were very impressed. The awesomeness was way overshadowed, however, by the French fries in truffle oil and garlic mayo. It was perhaps the greatest bar food I've ever had.
  • Surprisingly, we spent most of the night playing Jenga.
  • I now live in a town where $4 PBR tallboys is a good deal!

Combing one and a half boxes of Jenga pieces.

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  1. This place sounds fabulous ... just fabulous.