Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eating Out - Steakhouse


The Capital Grille (Classic American Steakhouse!) 1

You've probably figured out that Kathryn and I like to eat and like to try new restaurants. You may have also notice that we gravitate toward cheap, ethnic eateries --- $5-for-a-plate-of-noodles-or-beans-and-rice-type places. Well, this weekend we broke free and went out for a giant steak at a proper steakhouse.

For Christmas this year, Kathryn's brother Rob and his wife Colby gave us a gift card for Capital Grille, considered one of the city's best restaurants. The restaurant is located just steps from the capitol. The only disappointing part of the dinner is that we didn't spot Senators breaking down policies over a big pile of steak, but this could still be because we don't know what any of them look like.

  • We decided to do it up right, which means drinks, appetizers, steak, and desert.
  • Drinks: adults only Arnold Palmer (K), classic Rob Roy (T)
  • Appetizer: shrimp cocktail (K), clam chowder (T)
  • Steak: bone-in kona crusted sirloin with caramelized shallot butter (K), dry-aged porterhouse (T)
  • Side: parmesan truffle oil french fries (split, seriously look how much we already ate)
  • Desert: coconut cream pie tart (K), mint ice cream (T)
  • I liked Kathryn's steak better than mine. She liked mine better than hers. We didn't find this out until after we were stuffed.
  • I would describe Kathryn's steak as a wonderful flavor combination with caramelized shallots, seasonings, and coffee rub to create a first-class steak. I would do this because that's how The Capital Grille's website does.
  • The mint ice cream was unlike anything I've ever had before. It tasted like fresh mint or mint oil. I was expecting more of a Bryer's mint-chocolate-chip type flavor.
  • There was a scotch list with about 40 different single malts, but I didn't have room after dinner. This means one thing. I'll be back.
  • We were so stuffed we had to go for a walk around the mall to unwind.
  • I had a couple of great steak sandwiches this weekend.
1 This post is brought to you in part by Rob and Colby Hoff.

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