Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eating Out - Burgers

Pretty decent stuff.

Good Stuff Eatery (Burgers)

Burgers are a big thing in DC. It's the birthplace of the quickly growing chain Five Guys, and there are at least a half a dozen places fighting for the best "gourmet" burger. Last night after our weekly ultimate frisbee game, we headed out for a quick bite to eat with friends at Good Stuff Eatery, a strong contender for DC's best burger.

  • Good Stuff is owned by Chef Spike Mendelsohn. I guess he was on Top Chef. Michelle Obama supposedly loves this place and picks up takeout for her staff sometimes. It's also a popular destination for, as my friend put it last night, Capitol Hill Tools. Oh yeah, and it's becoming a pretty popular tourist destination.
  • Kathryn got a boring bacon cheeseburger, but I got Spike's Sunnyside - cheese, bacon, and an over easy egg. That just happened.
  • We split a small fry, but the best part is all of the different mayos to dip your fries in. My ranking, from worst to first, goes like this chipotle, old bay, schiracha.
  • I also indulged with their best selling shake - toasted marshmallow. For the most part the marshmallow taste was hard to detect, but it was still a good shake.
(Full disclosure: we didn't have our camera so I took that pic from the internets.)

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  1. Dude, Kathryn's order was NOT boring! Their farmhouse cheeseburger (regular cheeseburger) is good!