Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting Out - Independence Day

Fireworks beyond the Washington Monument.

I grew up watching A Capitol 4th every year on PBS, and with our first year in Washington, we both agreed it would be a good idea to walk down to the mall and take in the show for ourselves. We live near the West side of the mall (the Lincoln side), so we walked all the way to the other side to try to catch the Capitol 4th. We were fairly bummed to learn that the park service didn't set up jumbotrons and speakers around the mall as is customary for major mall events. We were able to sit close enough to see the backside of the stage, but we couldn't hear a thing.

We still had a great time. The fireworks were great. We had a picnic of chicken salad, crackers, and strawberries, and we even smuggled in some Riesling. The large crowd made for an unusually slow walk home, but it was still great to celebrate the occasion right up next to our capitol.

Canons set up for "1812 Overture."

Enjoying a picnic with a few hundred thousand other people.

One of Kathryn's coworkers joined us for the fireworks.

Enjoying a frozen yogurt on the long walk home.

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