Friday, July 2, 2010

Visitors - CatMatt

Enjoying some unintentionally late night eats at Founding Farmers.

One of the nicest elements of living in DC is that we end up getting a lot of visitors who aren't really visiting us. We've already had the chance to spend at least an evening or two with almost half a dozen college friends who are in town for work or visiting family. This last weekend we had the chance to spend a few nights with our SLU by way of Purdue friends Catherine and Matt. Catherine was in town for work, but Matt tagged along to check out the town and hang out with us.
  • Kathryn was working most of the weekend, so she only got to participate in some of the fun. (The whole Catherine and Kathryn thing can be confusing in a conversation, but thankfully the spelling makes for easy blog posting.)
  • Friday night I took Matt for a "dudes' night" on the H St. Corridor in the Atlas District. We checked out recent favorite Biergarten Haus (where I accidentally ordered us $10 pints), old favorite the Country Club, and definitely new favorite the Red and the Black. The Red and the Black is a small punk rock bar with reasonably priced drinks (for DC). It may be the coolest bar in all of town.
  • Matt and I had such a good time that we went back to H with the girls in tow on Saturday night. The night consisted of bar food at the Country Club and a show at the Palace of Wonders.
  • Our late night indulgence was a slice of pie at the new hipster approved Dangerous Pies. I had the pecan (amazing!), and Kathryn had the apple (didn't try it but she thought it was "just OK"). Unfortunately, you can't get them a la mode.
  • Our last night with Matt and Kathryn was a great dinner at Founding Farmers.
  • Side note: we had a frustrating time eating this weekend. With all of the tourists and interns and what not, it was even harder than usual to get a seat at cool places. We were forced to BGR over Churchkey and Country Club over Sticky Rice. We did eat at Founding Farmers but we had to wait almost an hour (at 9 at night on a Monday!!!!!).

Girls enjoying quesadillas at the H St Country Club.

Matt and I after a slice of pie.

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