Monday, July 19, 2010

Eating Out - Sushi

Oops! Forgot to take the picture until the food was almost all gone.

Chopsticks (Sushi/Japanese)

Kathryn had a craving for sushi while we were out shopping the other day, so we dropped into to Chopsticks in Georgetown. This is one of the few times we've grabbed dinner before I've had the chance to scout online reviews. I was a little nervous, as I should be. We left very disappointed.

  • I'm going to go all art house film and start from the end of the meal and then tell you how we got there.
  • We got up from the table with a horrible taste in our mouths and a significant chunk taken from our checking account. The restaurant is at the corner of M and Wisconsin in the heart of the Georgetown shopping district. I imagine their rent is outrageous. Oh yeah, I still feel a bit hungry (but mostly kind of gross).
  • The last sushi roll finally arrives. The Maryland Roll - fried soft shell crab and eel sauce. This is the worst soft shell crab I've ever had. There is very little meat but tons of that nasty yellow stuff in here. This flavor is probably going to hang in my mouth all day.
  • This baked roll with cheese on it sure is interesting, and I really like this other one with the spicy tuna. This sushi is really good.
  • The waitress brings our nigiri - salmon for Kathryn, omelet for me, and salmon to split. This is all pretty good. Can't wait for the sushi rolls to get here. I bet they're going to be good.
  • We split the dumpling appetizer (gyoza). This stuff is very good. I'm really glad we came here.
  • Glass of ice water and an ice cold Coke. Man I needed this. It sure is hot out there.
  • Me: Yeah, let's do that. I'm starving. Hopefully it's good.
  • Kathryn: Let's grab some sushi. This place looks cute.

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