Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eating Out - Indian

You better be ready to see lots of sweaty Todd pictures until about October.

Cafe of India (Indian)

When Kathryn and I first started dating she was completely obsessed with avocados and guacamole. That's what she ate, constantly. If something came with avocados, she was going to order it. I didn't know at the time that Kathryn didn't always love avocados, but she was deep in the throes of what we now call an "avocado kick." That's how Kathryn eats. She gets on kicks. Right now, the lady is on an Indian kick. Within the last couple of weeks Kathryn has eaten Indian take out at work and Indian microwave meals at home. The funny part is that until just recently Kathryn didn't like Indian food, but something inside her recently switched. We've had a couple of Indian buffet lunches and appetizer happy hours, but Cafe of India was our first proper Indian dinner.

  • Cafe of India is in Tenleytown, a neighborhood on the NW edge of DC. It has that "suburb but still technically in the the city" feel to it.
  • We went there with a discount certificate thanks to a great heads up from our friend (and reader) Matt. We got a $25 certificate for $2!
  • We had the crunchy spinach appetizer - fried spinach with tamarind chutney, dates, and avocados. Two bites in, Kathryn was saying that she wanted to come back to get this dish again.
  • Our entrees were essentially stewed hunks of chicken served with rice. I had the makhani (seasoned with cloves, green cardamom, and fenugreek), and Kathryn had the pistawal (pistachios and raisins). Both very good.
  • For desert we ventured away from our comfort zone and tried the rose ice cream. It was weird at first, tasting exactly like a rose smells, but after the initial shock, it was pretty good. I still don't think I'll order it again.
  • With this hot spell, I drink an embarrassing amount of water. I had those poor bus boys working over time.

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