Friday, September 17, 2010

Eating Out - Food Trucks

I was so busy I had to eat at my desk while I worked.

Red Hook (Maine Lobster)

One of the major features of most DC food trucks is their blending of different styles (see the turkey meatloaf bahn mi from my Floridano post). Red Hook deviates from this trend by staying faithful to serving an authentic Main lobster roll. How committed? They drive to Maine every week to buy lobster and bread.

There's a saying in the food service industry. Food can be cheap, good, and fast - but you only get to pick two. There is no doubt that Red Hook is good (in fact, it's great), and the food is also very fast (well other than the enormous line, but that's not their fault). However, lunch at Red Hook costs more than most restaurants, and you don't even get a table to rest your elbows on.

  • I'm almost timid to admit that I spent $18 on a sandwich, bag of chips, and a soda. (The chips were also authentically Maine as well.) It violates every one of my small town Midwestern principles.
  • To add insult to injury, the sandwich is pretty small. Granted, it's chuck full of giant chunks of lobster meat. Their lobster salad, unlike most places, isn't made up of mostly filler - like cheap celery.
  • I was still hungry after I ate.
  • This post probably reads like I'm apologizing for Red Hook, which to some degree I am. I guess it's because I recognize that it's very good. It's also a great lunch option compared to standard Subway or PotBelly's. Despite all of this, I have a bit of buyer's remorse. That's not to say I won't go back. I just need a little time to forget about the price and remember only the tasty, tasty lobster.

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