Friday, September 17, 2010

Eating Out - Italian

Dinner for two.... food for four....
Carmine's (Italian)

We rarely eat Italian food. It's something we've never really had a taste for (and I don't have much of a stomach for), but once in a while, we go all in. When we were in New York last spring, we ate two Italian dinners, both at the same place - Carmine's. Last weekend we ventured out to Carmine's new location in DC's China Town. Carmine's has a couple of locations in New York, as well as the two obvious locations for expansion - DC and the Bahamas(?).

  • Carmine's is really new and in a busy part of town, so the wait was well over an hour at 6:30 on a Saturday evening. We opted to sit at the bar instead.
  • The sangria was pretty good (and pretty potent).
  • Carmine's sells everything family style and measured by the pound. Therefore, we split the veal scalopinne over linguine. There was enough left for both of us to have lunch the next day.
  • I love tiramisu, and it's hard not get it whenever I have Italian food. The genius solution - get a piece to go and eat it at home. At Carmine's though it's the size of a pie (literally). We were able to nibble on it for days. (Kathryn's edit: we actually had so much we threw some away. A rare occurrence in this house.)
A week's worth of desert to match.

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