Thursday, August 5, 2010

D.C. Sports - Washington Nationals

Fortunately, none of the Phillies fans turned around to give our camera the finger.

I grew up a Cardinals fan which means I will always be a Cardinals fan. Kathryn, on the other hand, finds Cardinals fans annoying which means she didn't follow baseball the only time she lived in a major MLB market. Although somehow Kathryn has a growing interest in the Washington Nationals. She started following when the Nationals were in the chase for the NL East (read: April). This weekend we made our first trip to the ball park to celebrate the amazing weekend weather.

  • Everyone says you should never buy Nats tickets in advance. There are always plenty of cheap seats available at the box office. This is not true however when the Phillies come to town. We actually had to scalp tickets to get into the sold out game.
  • Nats Park is a great facility, but the food selection was terrible. (I wish they too sold Willie McGee's cookies.)
  • Ratio of Phillies fans to Nats fan: 4 - 1.
  • After growing up in the Midwest, I have been evaluating all of my long held stereotypes about people "out East." I can confirm all of the stereotypes about Philly sports fans. Those people are savages.
  • Kathryn had to work the next morning, so we were forced to leave early. We didn't miss too much. Just a walk off homer to win the game.
I think the ballpark is mostly marketed to tourists and interns. There is a lot of "check out how Washington this is" type stuff, like this Honest Abe giant bobble head.

Or how about this George Washington mascot thing? I think they should have gone with the Ex-Presidents from Point Break - way cooler.

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