Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating Out - Food Trucks

El Tri.

Food Chain (Tacos)

I'm continuing my assault on DC food trucks this week. Although Food Chain is technically a food cart, not a truck. It's still pretty awesome street food, and this week has been pretty busy here at work. It's nice to step out and take a break from the office.

Food Chain operates several carts around the city, with two on the block across the street from my office today. They offer three kinds of carts: barbeque, Caribbean, and tacos. Today I went to the taco cart, but next time I'm getting jerk at the Caribbean cart.

  • I went with the three taco combo: beef barbacoa, chicken, and black bean. It's hard to rank them because they were all about the same (i.e., damn good).
  • The barbacoa and black bean tacos were topped with chimichurri sauce, and the chicken was covered in "baja" sauce (whatever that means). All of them were of course topped with onions, cilantro, and hot sauce.
  • The tacos were all decently spicy - not too hot but just hot enough to guarantee you'll buy a drink.
  • I ate my tacos in the tiny park across the street from my office. I was quickly joined by some little finches. They beg a bit, but they are way cuter than pigeons. Yet another reason DC is cooler than NYC.

A big fan of taco shells.

(Editor's note: I should mention that Kathryn got me a HTC Droid Incredible for our anniversary. The nice camera phone will likely increase my blogging frequency. Let me know if I go overboard.)

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