Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting Out - SLU Alumni

The other night Kathryn and I went to our first ever Saint Louis University alumni event in DC. The Cardinals vs. Nats game was the first bit of university subsidized fun I've had in over five years.

Jim and I taking in the game (and the free beers).

Pretty decent seats.

The "Curly W" pretzel looks awesome but tasted like a mix of donuts and hot dog grease.

  • Kathryn is a full on Nats fan at this point. Her team lost though, thankfully. My Birds are trying to make the playoffs.
  • We got to see Pujols rip his 401st home run.
  • The guy working the alumni pregame tailgate gave us a few "beers to go" that lasted us through the game. SLU just keeps giving.
  • Kathryn ran into two gals from her sorority at the event, one of which works at her hospital.
  • We also go to see one of the guys from my fraternity but only for a few minutes.
  • Once again Kathryn had to work the next morning after the ball game, but we stayed late to see the Friday night fireworks at Nats Park.
  • Kathryn was so inspired by one of her favorite player's up-to-bat-jam that she had me download Ice Cube's "Check Yo'self (the Message Remix)" on her iPod. Pudge Rodriguez knows how to pick them.

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