Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating Out - Food Trucks

Sriracha sauce makes everything better!

El Floridano (Floridian?)

I'm continuing to burn through the food truck/cart fad at an exceptional rate. Once again, armed with only a few bucks and twitter account, I was able to find some relatively cheap and interesting eats at Farragut Square.

  • El Floridano keeps it simple. They offer three sandwiches and about 5 drink options. This keeps lunch simple for everyone involved.
  • I had a very large sandwich listed as "Turkey Meatloaf Bahn Mi with Pickled Green Mango and Tamarind BBQ Sauce" I, of course, added a bit of sriracha and paired it with a sugar cane cola. The sandwich was incredibly delicious and kept me full all day.
  • I sat on a park bench next to a very talkative old dude in a bright yellow suit. He looked like a cross between Bernie Mac and a blue singer. We spent a half hour talking about cell phone plans, Gary Indiana, and sports TV packages. It was the kind of lunch that made you hopeful for the city.

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